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#1 2018-12-08 04:49:16

XPd Guild Member
Registered: 2018-12-08
Posts: 1

Well... hello ^^

Hello guys.

First, i want to apologize for my terrible english level ;( Having said that, i want to introduce myself. Im Daniel and a few days ago i was talking with an old friend about our good times... and decided to reinstal DAoC after +10 years. i used to play on Morgan Le Fay until Catacombs (i whish they stop on ToA). After that i played on some Portal servers, but not much. I wish i had more time now to play this wonderful (and sometimes terrible) game, thats the price to pay for being a family man ^^ but i would like to join and use my free time kicking some Trolls in the face (as a lurikeen it will be hard but ill do my best)

PD: Im leveling an Eldritch right now

PD2: "about your cats" ... well, i have 2 cats: black male (Ozzy) and carey female (Janis) 6^^


#2 2018-12-08 20:31:51

XPd Guild Member
From: Germany
Registered: 2017-09-13
Posts: 7

Re: Well... hello ^^

Hey Zahariel, i remember leveling with you on my Enchanter (Arek). From my point of view, it would be great to have you in the guild.


#3 2018-12-09 08:11:24

XPd GuildMaster
From: England
Registered: 2012-08-27
Posts: 1,264

Re: Well... hello ^^

Hello mate.  I love cats but currently we have a dog that hates all other living animals. sad

Welcome to the guild.  We and the server are having a resurgence right now - so you join at a good time.


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